Celebrating Spitzer’s Fall

March 13, 2008

Welcome everyone, I’m still getting started, but I wanted to post something for good measure.

I have to say something about Philip Weiss’s bizarre defense of Eliot Spitzer, which puts him in the bizarre company of both Lew Rockwell and Alan Dershowitz (and, I fear, my father). References to “Kristen” being warned by her pimp that Spitzer would want to do things to her that were “not safe” make it pretty clear to those of us who know anything about the scene that Spitzer’s sexual tastes are as preadatory as the man was in politics, something he shares with many of the neocons, such as Scooter Libby as we know from his published fiction.

This is especially shocking from Phil when we consider the erratic TV appearances of Dershowitz, whose transparent combination of horror with his characteristic (possibly clinical) paranoia suggest he knows something the rest of us do not. It may be that he has ties to the Russian mobsters who likely run the Emperor’s Club and whom I suspect Spitzer was doing favors for in addition to just being a client, or it could be nothing more than Dershowitz having the same predatory sexual tastes, and possibly even being one of Clients 1-8. We’ll see.

My own reaction to these events resembles nothing so much as Murray Rothbard’s unrestrained glee at the downfall of Nixon, to which he dedicated an entire newsletter simply entitled “Whoopee!!”. I would add also that we can see the deeper impact of the Ron Paul Revolution when it gets easily through the thick skulls of the media that there is such a thing as a secular moralist of the state and that Eliot Spitzer is nothing less than a secular progressive Elmer Gantry, with apologies to the Good Reverend.


One Response to “Celebrating Spitzer’s Fall”

  1. Byrne Says:

    Whoopee, indeed!

    That Weiss piece is nuts — is he really saying that it’s hypocritical to have an urge and not act on it? Weiss himself may not be predatory, but he’s certainly animalistic.

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