Sorry I was lax over the weekend . . .

March 17, 2008

I had a rather exhausting trip up to Brown on Saturday. It was a surreal occasion: many are rightly focused now that we are rapidly approaching on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, but it was five years ago on Saturday, appropriately enough at the last protest in Washington before the Iraq War began, that I met my two best friends, who ultimately led me here to New York.

I went to Brown to visit one, the other, here in Brooklyn, was supposed to come but didn’t, and the two of us had quality time to ourselves, among other things, despondent over our friend’s self-destructive lifestyle, and I saw him steal the show in a production of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

So is it perverse for this to be an anniversary celebrated for any reason? The answer in the affirmative comes from, of all people, John Mearsheimer. Any of you who followed my work at Takimag will recall that I had my last straw with the madness of Paul Gottfried when he called Mearsheimer a man of the left. Ernest Evans, mine and Mearsheimer’s mutual friend, assured me that Mearsheimer indeed had voted strait Republican until 2004, which at the time struck me as significant because as Dr. Evans had also once related to me, it was Mearsheimer who was most reassuring to him after Bush was re-elected by declaring it most conducive to the future happiness of the world that the neocons be given the chance to completely ruin themselves and everything they stand for.

It is justly a cause of great anguish for my conservative friends that this is the fate of their “movement”, but I for one have no love lost for that old horse, so let us look forward instead to the bright promise of failure in Iraq.


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