The man who let me be a Democrat again

March 17, 2008

Takimag has an interesting piece on Jim Webb, which is typical of paleo coverage of this election season – makes a lot of interesting points, but ultimately misses the point.  The piece makes an interesting comparison that many others have made between Webb and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and seems to answer its own question, though one it is undoubtedly afraid of, with the suggestion that Webb “talks like Pat Buchanan and votes like Harry Reid”, just as Moynihan “talked like Irving Kristol and voted like Walter Mondale”.

Today, the latter is seen as completely normal, so why not the former with time?  Hell, how many people will even remember Harry Reid before we know it?  The piece also mentions in passing the VP speculation around Webb again managing to miss the real point right in front of its nose – Webb represents the military, and the military wants to make him the Cheney of the next Democratic administration to ensure the dismantling of the empire, a task now espcially urgent with the fall of the heroic Admiral Fallon.

Obama-Webb v. McCain-Lieberman – now that will be one for the ages.


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