Bacevich endorses Obama

March 18, 2008

I stand with him 100% in all his particulars.  Meanwhile Larison continues to make an ass of himself – I’m sorry, but Obama can not be both a Black Muslim in Christian garb and a partisan of the Euston Manifesto.  If you want to be hysterical about Obama, fine, but for God’s sake pick your argument!


2 Responses to “Bacevich endorses Obama”

  1. […] this in the file of “Obama supporters who have no arguments.”  The problem that his fans […]

  2. […] To Bacevich, opposition to the hubris of empire is part of what makes a cosnervative.  And in a purely abstract sense, he may have a point.  But actually existing American conservatism seems so committed to a project of militarism and coercive domination that Bacevich’s case seems a bit precious. […]

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