Obama and the Paleos

March 19, 2008

Great post on the matter by Left Conservative.  I’ve always adored Sailer, and while I certainly wish he weren’t on a tear against Obama, I feel like he’s being much more honest and straitforward than Larison.  Ironically it was his original article on Obama in TAC which first allowed me to be seriously open to supporting Obama while I was still under delusions that Al Gore would be the second coming of Herbert Hoover.

All that said I definitely agree with the author’s analysis, I got a lot of flak for detecting what I called Browderism of the right early on in the Ron Paul campaign, and the analogy to Buckley is devastating.  But at the same time it has been a very pleasent surprise to see all the paleos I most look to making no bones about at least leaning towards Obama – Raimondo, McCarthy, Bacevich, the list is growing . . .


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