Elitist Piety Run Amok

March 21, 2008

Maybe it’s a bit too much to hope for that Daniel Koffler’s headline The Sour Note In Obama’s Speech was about this almost non-sequiturial toadying to the Israel Lobby, but no.  While the idiots at the New York Times are projecting their internationalist fantasies on Obama’s very person and the Daniel Larison’s of the world are taking it much too seriously, Koffler has the audacity to argue that Obama is inciting “racism” against foreign workers desperate for American jobs in sweatshop conditions.

Koffler is a very sharp writer who can say some very stupid things, someone with a keen enough sense of reality in spite of having worked first for Dissent and then for the slightly more relevant social democratic rag Reason.  He was for a while a booster for Ron Paul but then inexplicably, and probably duplicitously, turned against him over, of all the horrors, creationism!

Such a ludicrous argument would be understandable from The Washington Post or from an old fart at either of Koffler’s previous employers, but it is both disappointing and bewildering from such a bright young Obama booster who is clearly going places.


One Response to “Elitist Piety Run Amok”

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