Larison is Losing It

March 29, 2008

When even George Will and Michael Barone can no longer be paid to write columns saying that the Republicans have a chance at taking back Congress in 2008, and when the insufferably conservative Charlie Cook says there are 80 House seats in play, I am pained that the often bright blogger at the magazine I love like a woman is peddling such horseshit.

Larison revealed once and for all that he does indeed have a pathological obsession with Obama when he said:

Indeed, if more pro-Obama conservatives put their case in this kind of visceral, “McCain must be defeated at any cost” way, I might almost be inclined to join them. Almost. (My emphasis – Ed.)

Now I do not know Larison well enough (indeed, have never communicated at all beyond our previous spat on this blog) to say whether he is among those paleos who simply can’t support Obama because he’s black, as I don’t doubt is the case with both Paul Gottfried and Richard Spencer. But this is precisely what I feared from those Ron Paul supporters I met over the course of the rEVOLution who still had illusions not just about the Republican Party but about the “conservative movement” more generally.

Am I naive to think that the future will involve something other than the ultimate ossification of my conservative friends and my own relegation to being one of only six people who give a rat’s ass about the pontifications of Andrew Sullivan, the Peter Viereck of the coming era? Larison will no doubt say that both Sullivan and I should be so lucky and that Obama will crash and burn and visions of new era are delusional. But leave it to him to join Hillary in championing the audacity of hopelessness.

I’ll confess, though, I’ve long feared that, with my German sensibility and proud self-identification as an Obamacon, I’ll end up as Peter Viereck to my father – the last disciple of Irving Howe who believes in something other than Jewish National Socialism – as George Sylvester.


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