Belated Ron Paul Post-Mortem

March 31, 2008

One of a few things I’ve been putting off since I started this blog, I’ve just re-read for the first time in months my celebrated recounting of scenes from the rEVOLution.  I feel my fundamental conclusions remain sound, for as both Takimag and Reason separately concluded, I failed to appreciate just how premised on delusions of a future in the Republican Party the running of the Paul campaign was.

More to the point, the following, which I oft repeated, appears to be bearing out: that if the Ron Paul Revolution achieved nothing else, it would be the complete and final redefinition of American radicalism away from the legacy of the radical left and into the legacy of the radical right.

Unlike the left, which had erratic highs and lows from the end of the 19th century to its collapse with the beginning of the Cold War, only to revive first as tragedy in the 60s and then in a final farce at the end of the last decade and beginning of this one, the history of the “radical right”, reluctant as I am to use that term, can be seen as one of slow but steady growth beginning in the 50s and having its first meaningful impact on American politics in the Paul campaign.

The results may not have been as great as even I with the utmost prudence had hoped, though while Paul may yet prove to have set the agenda for Obama as Norman Thomas did for FDR, this may only mean little more than that the radical right hootenanny to end them all I had once anticipated going to this fall – Ron Paul at Madison Square Garden – alas shall not be.

Still, it will be very interesting to see what the future holds . . .


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