The Debacle Dividend

April 1, 2008

Phil on the great John Mearsheimer.  Phil is correct to point out that Mearsheimer was already persona non grata with the foreign policy establishment by his opposition to the Iraq War well before he became the Upton Sinclair of our era for speaking out against the Israel Lobby.

I have met Mearsheimer on two occasions, and as I mentioned in a previous blog, we have a very good mutual friend in common, who tells me that he could not be more thrilled with the way things have unfolded for him and his work, that Dr. Mearsheimer relishes nothing like being at the center of such a controversy.

I also was long aware of what Phil reports from this same friend.  The Chicago World Affairs Council, to whom Obama gave his horrific speeches that Daniel Larison won’t stop reminding me of, cast Mearsheimer to the wilderness as early as Iraq as well.  They are probably now worse than their conterparts on the coast – hosting the most solipsistic speakers possible on the Middle East, from Michael Oren to, most recently, Josh Muravchik.


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