Revisionism Is Coming Out!!!

April 2, 2008

Pat Buchanan’s definitive revisionist tome on the Second World War will be released May 27. Combined with this surprisingly well received offering from the left, it would appear that this most bright promise of failure in Iraq, a renaissance of revisionism which would finally bust open the lock on the Second World War, is coming to pass.

No doubt the usual suspects are in a lather and that the backlash will be incredible – first Walt and Mearsheimer, now this, and then the election of a black man from the south side of Chicago with an African name as President of the United States. Add to this Pat’s apparently safe status as the senior political analyst at MSNBC, which, let’s be frank, is, and will be, the Obama News Network.

Though we have been warned not to count the neocons out after this election, what seems unmistakable to me is that their worst nightmare is coming to pass, no two ways about it.


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