Matt Welch – My Take

April 3, 2008

When it comes to Reason magazine itself, I’m inclined to take a middle path between Justin and Dan.  I don’t have the faction-fight passions that Justin and others who were close to Murray Rothbard have, and I’ve always liked their more radical writers like Jesse Walker and Dave Weigel, but that doesn’t mean their major backers don’t have the agenda that Justin and Lew Rockwell ascribe to them.  By the same token, it does not mean either that there isn’t a great deal of truth to what Weigel and Julian Sanchez have said about Rockwell and Co.

But ultimately, as Justin demonstrated in his expose, Welch is clearly acting with great duplicity, as is typical of the right-wing social democrat type, which, instinctively, I’ve always known the Beltway libertarian set to be.


3 Responses to “Matt Welch – My Take”

  1. teageegeepea Says:

    I respond to Justin here.

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  3. […] I’ve said before, I have no love lost whatsoever for the cosmotarians (even though I’m persently seeing one […]

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