Bob Barr ex machina

April 4, 2008

Dan has an unusually pessimistic take on this wonderful news.  His suggestion that Barr could throw the election to McCain rather than to Obama can be easily deconstructed.

Ron Paul might well have pulled this off, but not only does Barr have less appeal to leftists than Paul, he has decidedly more appeal to conservatives, i.e. those movement conservatives who detest McCain but could never have cast a protest vote for Paul.  Not only are such people the least likely protest voters to vote for Obama, but Dan’s analysis also takes for granted the large bloc Paul could have appealed to which will definitely vote for Obama before Barr – Iraq veterans.

As often in this election, the analogy is to 1980.  Just as Reagan did not need John Anderson to win, but did need him to win a mandate, so it would be with Obama and Bob Barr.  Leave it to my conservative friends, even to one as bright as Dan, to take for granted how many conservatives need a viable third choice in this election.

Unless something drastic changes, which I should not rule out, as of now I still plan to vote for Obama.  But I am still delighted that Bob Barr is running, because of my love and support for the cause of minor parties in America, and though in the last several years they have become horrible embarrassments, with Bob Barr the hope for them represented by the Ron Paul Revolution shall yet live.


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