Terrorists are sane, rational people . . . .

April 4, 2008

. . . . unlike the editors of Commentary magazine.  Phil presents us with the most recent exhibit in point.

I am with Phil 100% in his analysis, yet the most obvious point seems not to dawn on him, which is why Podhoretz takes the “Annapolis plan” seriously enough to bother getting so furious about it?  It is almost moot whether he is being duplicitous or is just that crazy, Podhoretz comes from a circle of hell entirely his own.

But even some of the Commentary crowd realize what they’ve done, as I got the distinct sense from this old essay by Hillel Halkin.  They may as well be explicitly writing their own epitaph, i.e., that Norman Podhoretz was responsible for the greatest wave of anti-Semitism since Hitler.  Indeed, they were the only two men in history whose mere neurotic whims could cause the deaths of millions.


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