Hillary Clinton and the Fall of the People’s Century

April 5, 2008

Chalk it up to being too nice to Reason in my comments on the recent kerfuffle, but their sharpest writer has written this patent Catoite nonsense,  premised on two equally absurd premises: 1) NAFTA is free trade, and 2) Hillary is at all sincere in her noises about NAFTA.

Reason’s militant support of NAFTA and the whole “free trade” regime is the perfect illustration of why the “neo-liberalism” of Hayek and Friedman is but a species of social democracy, indeed that may be an insult to social democracy.  What the global free trade regime aspires to is the system championed by Henry Wallace as the “century of the common man”, who was utterly detested by self-described social democrats.

Indeed, the phrase “totalitarian liberal” most famously used by Harry Elmer Barnes to describe the New Dealers and Cold War liberals generally was first coined by the slimy proto-neocon Sidney Hook in attacking Wallace’s followers.

An alleged libertarian making a martyr of the quintessential right-wing Democrat in the name of the dreams of the Popular Front – now that’s rich.


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