Looking Backward

April 5, 2008

These three posts on @TAC are all based on a rather fallacious premise – that there is still any such thing as a Rockefeller Republican.  One may as well try to project an election by speculating how those ever dynamic Nixon Democrats will vote.

If I may, I suspect that the key difference shall merely be that an Obama Republican (I refuse to use the trendy media conjunction), meaning a moderate suburban or Yankee Republican, is analogous to a Nixon Democrat, meaning lost forever once realignment has occurred, and an Obamacon analogous to a Reagan Democrat, who will have merely become an independent.

Indeed, most independents today are old Reagan Democrats, and not the people of media fantasy who the liberal bloggers like to call “Broderists” who the MSM has begun to valorize as the Obama Republicans.


One Response to “Looking Backward”

  1. […] on a related matter, none of us is claiming that these people are Rockefeller Republicans; this is a particularly silly thing to say, since […]

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