A Crazed Ideologue

April 10, 2008

I hereby take back everything nice I ever had to say about Daniel KofflerSo committed is he to the noxious idea that not wanting to force the virtual slave labor of the globalist order on third world peoples is racist (indeed he’s the only person I’ve ever seen make the argument who appears to sincerely believe it) that he actually argues that Hillary’s offensively phony opposition to free trade is a manifestation of said racism!  That’s right, the same Hillary who in very large measure is only still in the race because of Hispanic anti-black racist votes.

He goes on to ludicrously wail that Obama has to descend into the same pandering when of course he’s a more sincere believer in the system than Hillary.  But what else can one expect from someone who said he was supporting Obama because his “chief foreign policy adviser” was Samantha Power.  Larison, take note – this is someone projecting far worse delusions on to Obama than I.

Matt Welch and Daniel Koffler: the vanguard of cosmo-libertarianism.  Or is that democratic socialism?  Or is it right-modernism?


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