“No Mr. Blair, I can not lead it, I will not lead it.”

April 10, 2008

These were the words spoken by Robert Duvall in his magnificent performance as Robert E. Lee in the first scene of Gods and Generals as he rejects the offer of command of the new Grand Army of the Republic.  Also extraordinarily moving from that scene is when Lee laments “I never thought I’d live to see the day when a President of the United States would raise an army to invade his own country.”  These were not the words of some Reagan subcabinet official about the road to fascism today, but by the heir to one of America’s oldest families in 1861!!!

I think of all this when I look at the disgusting spectacle of the ass-kissing chickenshit David Petraeus who, far from taking the honorable course of a general asked to become a political instrument, is implementing the role with gusto.  Let us pray that we have officers with just half the honor of General Lee who can stop the escalation of this war into Iran by any means necessary.  And let there be no mistake, if, God forbid, there were a military coup to stop it, the first one to be shot would be Petraeus.


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