The Obama Non-Story

April 12, 2008

Yes, Obama said some inartful and stupid reactionary-leftish things in his larger remarks, but what is the argument here exactly – that its insulting or politically incorrect to say that middle America is suffering?  Hillary’s counter-argument apparently is that this is a horrible thing to say because it denies hope and optimism and a bright future for small town America.  Yea, that’s how to win those voters, by telling them that its an insult to them to acknowledge there suffering.


One Response to “The Obama Non-Story”

  1. […] Sailer seems to agree with me on this, for as he has pointed out, Obama’s deepest Freudian motivation is out of resentment of his white Kumbaya-era liberal mother, and that is just not consistent with wanting to vindicate either the Brookings Institution or The Weathermen.  Just as he has played the race card by not playing it, as I’ll never forget my aging grandfather explaining to my grandmother, he takes a similar Godfather-type approach with any of the special interests he has to deal with, from the Israel Lobby to the loony liberals, as he was really doing in San Francisco. […]

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